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Efter kongressen

After the convention:

Här hittar du bilder, kongressrapporter och listor på rekommenderade verk.

Here you can find photos, convention reports and recommendations.

Maria Nilson could unfortunately not participate. Still, you can watch her lecture Feminist fantasy and sf for everyone here.

Här finns bilderna till Ahrvid Engholms föredrag Sf & fandom-historik från Kgl Bibliotekets tidningsvalv


Johan Jönsson’s photos

Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf’s photos: Signings: Peadar, Eva, Adrian. Oskar & Kalle talking about illustrating for kids, the foyer.

Gunilla Rydbeck’s and Lars Sydolf’s photos: Fantomen 1, Fantomen 2, Peadar interview, Panel on shared worlds, Maria interview, Adrian interview, Panel on Selma Lagerlöf, Hugopanelen, Martin talking about N. M. Kiöping.

Staffan Rydbeck’s photos: Selma Lagerlöf panel, Hugo panel

Kristin Thorrud’s photos: TFW They Finally Make A Death Star Dress But You Know It Leads To The Dark Side. 1 2 3

Anna M. Mondry’s photos: Torill, Violence panel, Adrian, Peadar, AI panel

Gabrielle de Bourg’s photo: Queer sf/f panel

Tony Elgenstierna’s photos: Framtidsland 1, 2, 3, 4, Generation starships, Monster i terapi, NoFF auction

Jukka Halme’s photos: Himself, Swedish SMOFs (BNFs) and Luke, Carolina – the chair person of almost everything, ”While the spirit of Swecon was still free. Not soon after, it was captured, bottled and put in safe place with Tomas

Karl Johnssons bilder från Svensk Space Opera: Stående, sittande

Maria Särnhammar’s photos

Helena Kiel’s photos: Konflikt presenteras, Alvarlampor, Jörgen får Alvarn.


Jenny B kulturdelen: Fredagen, Lördagen del 1, Lördagen del 2, Söndagen

Marikas kulturblogg

Johan Jönssons rapport

Lupina Ojalas rapport med bilder

Ahrvid Engholm’s reports (and other stuff) in Intermission 115 and Locus 2022-01 p. 29.

Eva Albertsdotter Enblom rapporterar i Forodrims Medlemsbladet nr 507 och nr 508.


Speculative fiction, speculative poetry – a Finnish introduction (from Noora Puolamäki)

Dikt leaflets:
Noora Kaikkonen: Veripisaroita (Kuoriaiskirjat 2019)
Timo Hellman: Nousevan maan valo: Runoja kauhuista (Kuoriaiskirjat 2019)
Epe Niiranen: Varkaanpippuri (Kuoriaiskirjat 2019)
Elli Leppä: Luuneulalla hiuksista nuttua (Kuoriaiskirjat 2019)

Andy Crow: Seitsemän kuuta & ripaus ajatonta (Hexen Press 2016)
Noora Kaikkonen: Lauluja rubiininpunaisesta lammesta / Songs from the Ruby-Red Lake (Kuoriaiskirjat, 2019, 2020)
Andy Crow: Pimeydestä valoon & kuutamon kaiho (Kuoriaiskirjat 2019)
Elli Leppä: Seisaukset tasaukset (Nysalor-kustannus 2020), Hirviöiden sukua (Nysalor-kustannus 2021)
Timo Hellman: Kuihtuneet kaupungit (Nysalor-kustannus 2021)
Rimma Erkko: Liminaalitilat (Nysalor-kustannus 2021)
Artemis Kelosaari: Arsenikkivärejä (Enostone-kustannus 2021)

Diktsamling (gamla finska dikter):
Rimma Erkko: Hiihtävä surma (Nysalor-kustannus 2020)

Andra, klassiska finska författarna som vi talade om, som också har publicerat surrealistiska/skräck-orienterade dikter, eller som har använt speculative fiction elements i sina berättelser:
Mika Waltari
Kaarlo Kramsu
Lauri Viita (speciellt hans diktbok Kukunor)
Tove Jansson


Enligt Carl Öhrn:

One of the GoH recommended:

  • Mary Gentle: Ash : A Secret History
  • R J Barker (any book)

    Pål Eggert tipsade om:
  • Frida Windelhed: Järnvärld
  • Viktor Algren: Han åt mitt hjärta

Tv-serier enligt Nina Grensjö:

1, ”Ragnarök” Netflix Science Fiction, Mysterium, Fantasy
2, ”Wayward pines” Viaplay Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mysterium
3, ”Babylon 5” SF Anytime Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction
4, ”Black” Netflix Drama, Criminal, Fantasy
5, ”Ghosts” Engelsk Fantsy, Komedi, Science Fiction
6, ”The Orville” Viaplay Disney+ Drama, Komedi, Science Fiction
7, ”The expanse” Amazon Prime, Triller, Science Fiction
8, ”Travellers” Google Play, SFAnytime
9, ”Strange empire” ej tillgänglig Western
10, ”Kingdoms” Koreansk Zombiefantasy ej tillgänglig?
11, ”The boys” Amazon Prime Kriminal Action Komedi
12, ”The nevers” HBO Max Action Fantasy drama
13, ”Happy” Netflix Fantasy, komedi, Science Fiction
14, ”Orphan black” Netflix Science Fiction, Drama
15, ”Game of thrones” HBO Max Äventyr Action Drama
16, ”Behind her eyes” Netflix Drama
17, ”My little pony -Friendship is magic” För barn TV2 Play, Netflix Animerat, Fantasy
18, ”She-ra” för barn Netflix Science Fiction Animerat
19, ”The good place” Netflix Fantasy, Drama, Komedi
21, ”What we do in the shadows” Sf Anytime Skärck Komedi
22, ”Santa clarita diet” Netflix Komedi
23, ”His dark materials” (Guldkompassen) HBO Max Äventyr, drama, familj
24, ”Deadlight me” ej tillgänglig Fantasy
25, ”Upload” Amazon Prime Science Fiction, Komedi
26, ”Wonderfalls” Science Fiction, Mysterium, Komedi Ej tillgänglig
27, ”Midnight mass” Netflix Mysterium, Skräck
28, ”Alice in borderland” Netflix Fantasy Science Fiction
29, ”Disenchantments” Netflix Äventyr, Animerat

Boktips enligt Nina Grensjö

1, ”To be Taught if Fortunate” Becky Chambers
2, ”Sabriel” Garth Nix
3, ”Lirael” Garth Nix
4, ”A psalm for the wild-built” Becky Chambers
5, ”Helliconia” Brain W. Aldiss
6, ”Harold and the purple crayon” Crocket Johnsson
7, ”The seep” Chana Porter
8, ”Trollkarlens hatt” Tove Jansson
9, ”Dune Messiah” Frank Herbert

Works mentioned in Jesper Stage’s talk Economics of Generation Star Ships

Becky Chambers: Record of a spaceborn few
Molly Gloss: The dazzle of day
Sidney Harris: Damn particles
Harry Harrison: Captive universe
Robert A. Heinlein: Orphans of the sky
Eva Holmquist: Kedjor känns bara när du rör dig
Kim Stanley Robinson: Aurora
Gene Wolfe: Book of the long sun series

Shorter fiction:
Ursula K. Le Guin: Paradises lost
Judith Merril: Wish upon a star
Don Wilcox: The voyage that lasted 600 years

Star Trek Voyager: “The disease”

Mats Linder’s recommendations on ”Climate fiction”

Risto Isomäki: The Sands of Sarasvati (2005). 2020-tal. ”Scientists discover a vast stretch of underwater ruins at the West Coast of India. Have they found Atlantis? Two scientists investigate the underwater ruins, and discover a mysterious field of human skulls and skeletons. At the same time scientists realise that a huge meltwater lake has formed inside the Greenland ice sheet. Is it about to slide into the ocean?”

Liz Jensen: The Rapture (2009). What would happen if the climate changes were happening much faster? Acceleration factor: a rig outside of Norway drills for methane. ”Combines the tensions of modern psychology with scientific speculation and social analysis.” Brilliant writer; try also her latest, The Uninvited: ”Part psychological thriller, part dystopian nightmare, The Uninvited is a powerful and viscerally unsettling portrait of apocalypse in embryo.”

Chris Beckett: America City (2017). Ca. 100 years in the future. In the US, “Big Hydro” has usurped the fossil fuel industry, but the damage is still playing out: it is a nation of vast, rotting forests, choking dust bowls and hurricanes of such extremity that ʼunprecedentedʼ has become a redundant adjective. Vast, rotting forests, choking dust bowls and extreme hurricanes. People flee to the north, and a way to accommodate them is to force Canada to make room for Americans from the northern parts. About almost impossible political decisions.

Paolo Bacigalupi: The water knife (2015). Near future. The American Southwest has been ravaged by drought, brought on by rising heat and extreme water shortages due to the debilitating effects of climate change. The Colorado River and its tributaries have decreased to a mere trickle. In Nevada, Arizona, and California, corrupt business magnates and government officials control the severely depleted water supply, and routinely battle in armed conflicts for dwindling portions of the river.

Frank Schätzing: Svärmen (Der Schwarm; The Swarm; 2004). A new species of marine worms (very old alien creatures), together with bacteria, are destabilizing the methane clathrate in the continental shelf. When the continental slope collapses the subterranean landslide causes a megatsunami that hits most of the North Sea coasts, killing millions and severely damaging the infrastructure in the coastal regions.

Barbara Kingsolver: Flight Behaviour (2012). How the flight of millions of Monarch butterflies is changed by rising temperatures. ”Provides in a microcosm the challenges our society faces in developing a consensus on a suitable response to a very real and disturbing threat… without transporting us to an imaginary, post-apocalyptic world but by making us confront our changing world and the people that populate it.” ”Both intimate and enormous.” Wonderful story (apart of course from the global warming message).

Facts for those who want to be scared:

TV: Den hotade jorden. About, among other things, tipping points (loss of forests, melting permafrost regions, lake bottoms, loss of albedo, warming of sea waters, melting glaciers, increase of water vapour…).

David Wallace-Wells: The Uninhabitable Earth (Den obeboeliga planeten), 2019. Also an essay in New York Magazine.

Jonathan Jeppson: Åtta steg mot avgrunden. Vårt framtida liv på planeten (2020). Lite liknande Wallace-Wells bok. ”Det handlar om hur vi ska befria oss från hoppet, eftersom det är det som hindrar oss från att se verkligheten som den är”.

Andri Snaer Magnason: Om tiden och vattnet. En mycket personlig betraktelse som samtidigt är en nästan förtvivlad plädering för hur nödvändigt det är med akuta insatser för att rädda planeten.

Lokal / Venue

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