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January 31, 2021: At the time of the convention, November 2021, there will be two hotels close to the venue: Hotel Nacka and Hotel Tapetfabriken.

Please note: The information below is from March, 2020 and might not be correct in November, 2021. We will update the information as soon as possible.

The closest hotel is Quality Hotel Nacka. You can find the hotel on the map. “Dieselverkstaden” indicates where the convention is. If you book by contacting the reception at +468 506 160 21 or by email to you can use the code Fantastika2020 to get a 10% price reduction. This is not possible if you book via e g

ApartDirect Aparthotel Stockholm Hammarby Sjöstad is on walking distance from the convention. Biz Apartment Hammarby Sjöstad is another apartment hotel which is a little bit further away.

Park Inn in Hammarby sjöstad is fairly close to the convention.

Globe Hotel has a direct tram connection to the convention.

Youth hostels

Alexandra /Archipelago hostel  in Gamla Stan (The Old Town) is situated near buses which rapidly can take you to the convention site. There are several more youth hostels to choose from.

Lokal / Venue

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